July Newsletter

Mass Schedule                              10:30 a.m.  Charles Fillmore Chapel

 July 1:         Bishop Cliff Kroski         

July 8:         Bishop Janet Sunderland

July 15:       Bishop Cliff Kroski

July 22:       Bishop Janet Sunderland

July 29:       Bishop Cliff Kroski


                      Cliff’s 60th Birthday Bash

            Please join in celebrating Cliff’s 60th natal

remembrance celebration on Saturday, July 21st starting

at 5 pm.  Feel free to bring a side dish or favorite beverage. The

The sexagenarian will be grilling various meat and veggie



           As July comes in with its even warmer temperatures, we continue the Ordinary Time portion of the Liturgical Year.

              We’ll hear Mark’s gospel and the first Sunday of the month presents a healing narrative. Jesus is approached by a man named Jairus whose daughter is ill. On the way to Jairus’ house, Jesus is stopped by a woman who is afflicted with hemorrhages. She reaches out to touch Jesus and before she does so, she is cured. Jesus feels “power having gone out of him” and asks “Who touched my clothes?” The woman comes forward and Jesus tells her that her faith has cured her. In the meantime, Jairus’ daughter has died. Jesus tells Jairus to have faith. Jesus then raises the daughter of Jairus and tells his followers to tell no one about the incident. Mark’s “Messianic Secret” is evident in this passage. Jesus asks those who witness the miracle to keep the incident secret. But who can contain a story about raising a child from the dead?

              The next Sunday’s gospel contains disbelief by those who hear Jesus’ teaching. They know his family, and his roots and are incredulous as to who Jesus is. We hear the familiar words, “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house.” Have we ever been treated with disbelief by those who know us, or have we discredited those whom we think we know?

              The gospel for the third Sunday in July has Jesus sending his disciples out, two by two. He instructs them to take nothing for the journey, to stay where they are welcome, and to leave the places they are unwelcome. This directive demonstrates the vital importance of their work. The disciples should not waste time or energy where they can do no good but should concentrate on those who accept their message and healing. Do we waste time and energy trying to convince the inconvincible?

              The Gospel for the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time has the disciples telling Jesus about their journey of preaching and healing. Jesus leads them to a deserted place to rest, but crowds find out where Jesus is and rush to meet him. Jesus is moved with pity for the people and views them as “sheep without a shepherd.” He then begins to teach them. This passage shows the hunger of the people to hear Jesus’ message. Do we exhibit that same hunger?

              The last Sunday of the month has the very familiar story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. What exactly happened in this account? Did the people share food that they originally had been unwilling to share? Did Jesus actually multiply five loaves and two fish in order to feed thousands? With either scenario, a miracle happened.


                                      + Cliff and + Janet



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