June newsletter

Mass Schedule                             

10:30 a.m.  Charles Fillmore Chapel

 June 3:       Trinity Sunday

                     Bishop Janet Sunderland         

June 10:      Feast of Body and Blood

                    Eucharistic Service

June 17:      Father’s Day / Ordinary Time

                     Bishop Cliff Kroski

June 24:      Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist

                     Bishop Janet Sunderland

                       Eucharistic Service

Janet and Cliff will be out of town on Sunday, June 10th

as we celebrate the wedding of Janet’s grandson,

Michael. A Eucharistic service will be led by members

of the community.

                            Healing Service

The June  healing service will be on Tuesday, June 26th

at 7 pm. We will conclude watching the “Jesus Story.”


       We begin June by celebrating the feast of the Trinity: God Father/Mother, Son, and Spirit; God-Creator, Word, and Love. This celebration dates to the seventh century and has been on the church calendar for 700 years. The Trinity feast teaches that God’s self- revelation is more than a theological mystery or puzzle: we are drawn into a special relationship with all aspects of our God. We are encouraged to ascertain for ourselves what this Trinitarian formula means in our lives. How do we celebrate and connect to all aspects of the divine? We also might ponder how we celebrate the many aspects of ourselves, which make us who we

uniquely are, and how we encompass the divine in our body, mind, and spirit?

      The Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ  was first celebrated in 1246. At that time, the community never shared the cup. Our feast of Body and Blood was formerly known as “Corpus Christi, The Body of Christ, and focused primarily on Christ’s presence in the bread. Today we combine this feast with the formerly separate feast of the Blood of Christ. This feast is much more than Eucharist as we acknowledge that we are the Body and Blood of Christ here on earth. Every Eucharist we are told “We are the Body and the Spirit of the Christ.” We are His voice, hands, eyes and ears to the world. We are also the life and the light of the Christ to all we meet. 

      On June 17th, we move into Ordinary Time until Advent. We also celebrate Father’s Day and rejoice in the gift of fatherhood. We celebrate all who are fatherly and offer the gifts of protection, strength, love, compassion, and peace. We will have a special blessing for all the men in our community. We also remember and celebrate our fathers both living and deceased.

      We celebrate the summer solstice on the 20th. The tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined toward the sun. The name is derived from the Latin (sol) sun and (sistere) to stand still. The sun stands in declination; that is, the apparent movement of the sun comes to a stop before reversing direction.

            On June 24th we celebrate the special feast of the birth of John the Baptist. John appears briefly in the Gospels during the season of Advent and we acknowledge him as the forbearer and messenger of the Christ. He was probably a member of the Essene community and lived as a hermit in the desert. At the age of thirty he began preaching a baptism of repentance and transformation. Scholars believe that Jesus was a follower of John until John’s  beheading by Herodias at the request of Salome.


                                    + Cliff and + Janet

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