Bravo to the World

We’ve survived a scorching summer. The trees are turning and the days cooler. A reading from Worldwords by Victor La Cerva gave me pause this morning to look out the window and notice the look of fall creeping in, the sky, the wind blowing from the southwest.

“We normally reserve applause for human endeavors. What if we slowly began an underground custom of wild clapping for a sunset, a moonrise or a rainbow? Cloud formations might spontaneously generate huge crows of cheering children. Stadiums would fill to listen to the latest songs of popular birds and the wail of crickets in the night…as people everywhere bestowed richly deserved appreciation for the gifts showered upon them each day by nature…If we could slow down long enough to really let it all in, we might discover that we already have everything we need to feel satisfied.”

And so, because of the gift of remembering after reading the above, I’m sending peace for your day and the wind at your back.



2 thoughts on “Bravo to the World

  1. Valorie Wells Fenton says:

    How appropriate that I finally make time to savor a word from my pastor/friend, Janet and she is spot on to my heart song again! While scurrying around to get ready for Mass, I heard a Great Northern Flicker singing his loud, obnoxiously joyous proclamation of the arrival of Autumn berries on the vines around my yard. I had to stop, look up high into my neighbor’s bedraggled pine to see this Herald of the Fall Season.
    Never mind the heat and dust of Summer, he yelled.
    Autumn is here, the birdbath has fresh water and I found berries, everybody!!!
    Hooray for the balance and order of nature, incessantly calling us to look up, listen up and cheer up.

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      What a nice comment. Thanks, Valorie. I had a Great Northern beating away at the spot on the outside wall where the summer bees were going in and out. Maybe it thought it could find something but I opened the window and discouraged the idea. Fortunately, flickers seem to have a short attention span!

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