Thanksgiving Blessings

There are many forms of thanksgiving prayers. Most honor the creative force in the universe and express gratefulness for abundance and bounty. Beneath the commercial glitz of holiday fanfare is a genuine impulse to create a state of appreciation. Many of our grandparents and parents experienced poverty and hunger, and many children today are hungry and homeless. Andenken is a German word for thankfulness rooted in the memory of being without and is a natural state for those who have experienced deprivation. Their remembrance of being without intensifies their ability to express thankfulness for what they have in their lives. It is gratitude rooted in one’s body and emotional depths. It is a vision of understanding that the flow of gifts can be interrupted at any time, a realization that makes the largesse of the moment all the more precious. We are blessedly touched not only by having the basics of food, shelter, warmth and safety, but by the sounds of children or the love of friends or a sense of inner contentment. To acknowledge that which has been given to us strengthens both our ability to give, and receive, generously.

From Worldwords by Victor La Cerva.

Cliff and I wish you a very fulfilling Thanksgiving. We are so grateful you are part of our lives and our community. May your time in these days be blessed with a richness of spirit and a prayer of Andenken.

+Cliff and +Janet

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