Advent into Christmas

We celebrate the 4th Sunday of Advent on December 23rd with a reading of Mary traveling across the desert to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Can you imagine your reaction if your fifteen year old cousin came to you and said, “Oh, by the way, I’m having a baby. And God’s the father.”

But Mary visiting Elizabeth? An Angel Gabriel? We almost take the news casually. Oh, yes. It’s Christmas.

Indeed it is.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas on Tuesday morning, the 25th, at 10:30 a.m. in the Charles Fillmore Chapel. We hope you are able to join us.

Merry Christmas! May your year be filled with peace.

+Janet and +Cliff

One thought on “Advent into Christmas

  1. Valorie Wells Fenton says:

    I will always be grateful for my own mother’s calm acceptance of my not-so immaculate conception at age 17. Perhaps the only thing that comes close to the unconditional love of God is the unwavering love of a mother. Wish you were still here Mom to see another generation of gifted artists in your line.

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