Thursday after Ash Wednesday

Now here’s an interesting day for us: Valentine’s Day, the day for sweetness and love and chocolate, butting up against Ash Wednesday as if to say, “Love? What is love?”

Here we are on this Road to Jerusalem and today is a day for love. And yes, we could say “For God so loved…” and “Jesus is love” but that’s not what this day is about. It’s about romantic love, secular love, if you will.

But isn’t that what life these days is about? Dashing from one emotional moment to another; dashing from one to-do to another; dashing so fast through the days that we find ourselves wondering just what it was that filled our time yesterday? I always look forward to the slowdown that Lent offers, but is that going to happen this year?

Perhaps our Lenten journey this year is just to be with what is rather than what isn’t. To be with whatever love we’re offered today; be with the time that’s pushing us so fast we can’t remember yesterday; be with the lack of love and instead, love ourselves. Be.

That may be the hardest Lenten practice of all. Just be.

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