Friday after Ash Wednesday

So, okay, it’s Lent. We got our ashes, we even did pretty good with the chocolate yesterday. But how are you doing with the way you’re being tossed and pushed in your daily life? How often have you become impatient these past two days? How often have you felt frustrated with what happens in your environment?

Fasting and abstinence from food and drink is easy. What about fasting from frustration? What about abstaining from angry thoughts?

Yes, today’s reading from Isaiah tells us what kind of fast God really wants: share our bread with the hungry and shelter the homeless poor,” and Jesus says “Give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven.”

But really, the words from Isaiah and Jesus are from and for a very different time. Yes, the poor and needy are all around us. And they need our attention. So please, make it a habit to give some money to the homeless person on the corner; send a check to a family shelter.

But what is the Holy asking you to share in your work environment? Maybe acceptance? Kindness? What are you being asked to share in your family? Forgiveness? Peaceful words? How about your interaction with friends or strangers? A place in line? A smile?

Giving up chocolate is easy. Giving up anger and judgment and impatience is a far more holy/whole task.

2 thoughts on “Friday after Ash Wednesday

  1. Theresa Hupp says:

    “But how are you doing with the way you’re being tossed and pushed in your daily life?”

    That’s the sentence in this post that hit home for me today. I’m not doing very well with acceptance and patience. Thank you for the reminder.

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