First Sunday in Lent

When Jesus goes into the Jordan to be baptized by John, he is following a tradition that Jewish people did in remembering the Red Sea crossing and how they left Egypt and entered holy land. By stepping into the Jordan River, the people once more lay down their self-imposed slavery and angers and stepped out again onto holy ground. A renewal, if you will, which allowed them to receive the God’s graces once more.

Jesus did the same. He walked into the Jordan, opened himself to receive, and heard the voice of God.

We seldom think of Lent as a time of receiving. Rather, we consider it a time of giving up, of penance, a weight on our shoulders.

What would happen if we were to open ourselves to receiving? Receiving God’s directions for our lives might change our whole mindset about Lent. It might make us grateful for the time of remembering to listen.

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