Monday of the First Week of Lent

Yesterday, one of the women in church thanked me for writing these daily reflections since it was probably a lot of work. And I replied that writing and thinking about Lent was just as important to me as it was to her and that I often wrote about a need or difficulty I was having. I, too, need to be reminded to pause, breathe, pray, let go of outcomes, put away discouragement.

I am grateful to all of you who are part of this Lenten community.

And here’s something else that’s come to me because of these posts: new friends from all over whom I may never meet but who have liked what I wrote and thanked me. Some of these are young people, making a difference in the lives around them; some work with diversity by getting kids into teamwork; some pass on the blogs and in that way help others around them.

I was a stranger and you made me welcome.

We can all be reminded of those around us who need to feel better, even if that helping hand is only a smile. Smiles cost so little and reap such huge harvests!

Practice being conscious of those around you today – at work, home, shopping, and especially those driving who seem distracted. Reach out to them however you can and offer a silent prayer, a hand, a smile.

Money isn’t what changes the world: people do.

6 thoughts on “Monday of the First Week of Lent

  1. Theresa Hupp says:

    Every year I try to do SOMETHING extra for Lent. This year, I didn’t have a firm plan, because nothing in my life is firm at the moment. I’ve decided reading your blog is my extra this season. (I may not get here every day, but I will read every post at some point.)
    Thanks for writing it, Janet.

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