Wednesday the First Week of Lent

The day was swallowed again by the computer. A productive day, but one that leaves me feeling a little like Jonah must have felt at being upchucked by a whale. The computer is my whale.

We all have those tasks or jobs or demands that swallow us up and leave us a little dazed. I came in here to my silent corner of the room and worked out with weights a little just to get myself back in my body. And this evening, I’ve vowed to spend it with my family instead of working.

Family was my first source of faith. My mother, from a Quaker lineage, always put family first. Not that it didn’t make her crazy at times as family will, but family and faith always came first.

So on this mid-week day with winter storms bearing down on many of us, take some time to just rest this evening. It’s been an unsettled week: in Kansas City, a restaurant blew up last night in a gas explosion some four or five minutes after my husband passed it going to his evening teaching. For some reason, last evening he decided he needed to leave a little early.

Faith is seeing the miracles every day. We still have some firewood left over from Christmas fires and Cliff brought it in so if the lines go down, we have firewood for a couple of days. That’s another miracle. Just a little firewood left over.

It doesn’t take much to see grace in your life every moment. Take the moment. You deserve it.

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