Friday of the First Week of Lent

The big snowstorm has sent an enforced quiet through our neighborhood. We’re not on a main road so the plows haven’t been through as yet, and while most of us on the block have shoveled our driveways, no one wants to tackle a foot of snow in the road.

The streets are quiet.

The neighbor’s sons came yesterday and shoveled out their parents; ours did the same although getting a wide path from door to street was about all that got done since it began snowing again. We went out today in sunlight and finished the job. My son and I threw snowballs at each other and laughed.

Last night, I made snow ice cream for the family as my mother had made it for us.

It’s been a chop wood/carry water sort of simple time.

Mother Teresa, when asked what it would take to have peace in the world, said, “Take care to have a good family life. The anger with your mother and father, with your sisters and brothers is at the root of so much trouble.”

I know I have the blessing of a “good family.” Both with my siblings and with my children. I’m grateful for that blessing. But there were years when I wasn’t grateful for them, when I was angry, felt unaccepted, and found family in my friends.

Families can come in all shapes and ways. If your family is around you, great! If your family is in your group of friends, fabulous! The point is to have peace in the group you call family.

If you are on the outs with a member, take time to pray and listen to what you need to do. Sometimes all we need to do to regain reconciliation and peace is to let go of our own end of discord.

2 thoughts on “Friday of the First Week of Lent

  1. valorie wells fenton says:

    I admit it. I prayed for the Snow Days. I can’t help myself. My childhood on Long Island, NY has given me a love for all the quiet beauty and snugly closeness of a good old fashioned snow storm. And today we “gather” with family through the warmth of social media, voice-over-internet and smart phones.
    So I find new joy in watching my neighbors walk up and down streets held in snowy hush, with their bright orange plastic-blade shovels at the ready to dig out neighbors for the price of a smile and a cup of cocoa. Seems like snow days and summer nights bring us all out of our techno-dens!
    Way to go, God! Thanks!

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