Sunday of the Second Week

Today’s Gospel reading is commonly called “The Transfiguration.” Jesus is on a mountaintop with his followers and they see Jesus filled with light. In other words, they see Jesus clearly. At least for a moment, they have a glimpse.

How often do we allow others to see us clearly? We wear masks for work, masks for church, sometimes even masks around our families. Perhaps we don’t even know how to see ourselves clearly.

We often revert to old habits of behavior: crankiness to protect ourselves from others; anger to push someone away; effectiveness to create a persona of worthy : shells to protect ourselves from a fearful exchange with another.

Our strongest urges are to be loved unconditionally, and yet the masks we wear push that love away. We wear masks so often that perhaps we don’t even know what the “real” us looks like.

Lent is a good time to go deep inside. To see ourselves as unique and splendidly crafted. When you get right down to it, we’re designed to live life with joy.

The world is filled with beauty and joy. It’s also filled with sadness and anger. And inefficiency. The thing is, we get to choose which to live and which to receive into our lives.

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