Monday of the Second Week

I finally stopped trying to get “caught up,” and came to my quiet corner and sat down. And when I closed my eyes to feel myself in my body, I heard “Be still.” Be still and know I am God…

It’s not an easy task to just be still. When I opened my eyes again, to write my experience with my Lenten words, I saw the window in front of me, looking out on a pretty grim and gray day, but I also saw how dirty the window is and remembered that one of the things I was going to do was clean the window, here in my corner, to get a clearer view.

It’s an easy window to clean – one of those double hung types that unhook from the top and fold in, but again, I heard, “Be still.” So I was.

And then my son came in and said he was going to make a grocery run and to make a list.

Be still.

I suspect most of us spend more time doing than being. There’s another big storm brewing on the edges of our area and bringing another several inches of snow on top of the foot or so that we still have from last week’s storm. Be still.

I’m grateful for the reminder. Notice that at the moment, everything else seems still – the trees aren’t moving, no wind, no traffic. No sirens. I stop and breathe in the energy of the day.

Be still. If only for a moment, a passing of minutes. Breathe. And listen for your God voice.

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