Tuesday of the Second Week

It’s easy to be trapped by our perceptions of people. Easy to say “those people” or “that person” without really understanding what we’re saying.

Those perceptions are seldom completely in sync with reality. Yes, that homeless person might take our dollar and spend it on cigarettes or alcohol, but maybe that homeless person has pain we can’t imagine. Pain we don’t have to have.

Maybe that person in pain holds the pain so that we don’t have to feel it.

Even the followers of Jesus became trapped by the perceptions that others had of him: some say a prophet; some say Elijah; some say John the Baptist back from the dead; some said he consorted with prostitutes or tax collectors. Few said he is one who doesn’t judge others by how they look.

Think of a significant person who came into your life. Was your first impression correct? Did you really know who they were? Did your perception change over time?

How often do we say, I want to change the way I see all people. I want to see them as you saw them, with no judgment, with the eyes of love…..


4 thoughts on “Tuesday of the Second Week

  1. Susan says:

    This seems to be my theme this Lent! Thank you! I’m learning a little humility, and discovering a lot about people–not so much intentionally, but I’m stumbling into new perspectives. Aha, am I sometimes seriously mistaken!

  2. Janet Sunderland says:

    I alwas like remembering that “humility” comes from “humus.” i.e. being of the earth. Solid and forgiving of our mistakes. What a gift to be “stumbling into new perspectives” as you put it. What’s even better is that you are noticing!

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