Thursday of the Second Week

I’m grateful for my friend Kathy who almost always can say yes when I ask if she can take a walk. Today was no different. 1:30 she asked? Perfect.

I don’t know if I’m as equally available to my friends. I do practice kindness, but my voice can also sound like a barrier when I’m feeling overwhelmed or have too much going on in my mind or when I’m tired. Not now is so much faster to my tongue than Let’s figure out when.

My brusque tone is not anger – goodness knows I’ve worked on anger enough to know when it’s present – but rather my brusqueness is more related to other things I do too fast: I stub my toes, I fall, I have accidents. I’m getting better at slowing down and paying attention to avoid accidents, but I still find myself shifting gears way too fast.

For those of us with a penchant for going too fast and doing too much, slowing down is a real challenge: some of those challenges I’ve dealt with in other years and some, like my brusqueness is still waiting to trap me when I least expect.

Slow down. Wait. Not yet. Patience. Those are the spirit messages I’ve heard all my life when praying. “How long Oh, Lord?”…..”Wait.”

I’m grateful for those who forgive my clumsy handling of requests, who understand, who accept me anyway.

So this is a post about thankfulness. Holy One, may the words of my mouth match the meditations of my heart.



4 thoughts on “Thursday of the Second Week

  1. Susan says:

    I never thought about brusquness in that way–as a statement akin to “back off, I’m already overwhelmed.” Enlightening. We humans are so complex, and yet so simple.

    I wan to be more aware of how I show to others the reflection of my inner state.

    Thank you for your thought provoking words–again.

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