Saturday of the Second Week

It’s been a tough winter for many. In our house, the flu came to visit ’round about Christmas Eve and stayed for most of January; one by one, the five of us at home fell ill. And then came February and the Pennsylvania groundhog who predicted an early end to winter.

Most of us know how that prediction came out.

And besides all that, we’ve been chaotic and busy. Seemed that everything was happening at once. In several different directions. We sighed. Got cranky. Retrieved our sense of humor. And then Lent came. And snow. Lots of snow.

I’ve heard a lot of sighing. “Done a fair amount, myself,” as my farmer grandfather used to say.

Remember that old song, “Count your blessings, name them one by one….” It may be time to start counting since spring is on the way and Easter and growing things.

Here’s a Lenten challenge. Take a small jar and put it on your kitchen or office counter for the next few weeks of Lent. Every day, put one blessing on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. You can’t use the same blessing each day; they have to be different.

The easy ones come first: kids, family, spouse, work. You can do all those. There’s still four weeks before Easter, counting Holy Week. That’s twenty-eight pieces of paper. How are you going to fill up the jar with twenty-eight blessings?

Try it. You might even come up with some (or many) blessings you hadn’t even considered. And therein lies the blessing.


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