Sunday of the Third Week

I presided this morning, and preached, and so don’t feel as inspired for a reflection this afternoon as I do some days.

That’s probably true of all our Lenten journeys. Some days, the next step in the journey is clear and some days it just seems more than we want to do. It’s easier to say, I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll get back on track. Tomorrow I’ll remember to count my blessings, be kind to others; but today, it feels like a lot of work.

I’m often reminded of the Buddhist, or perhaps Zen, saying, “Chop wood; carry water.” That’s what most of life is, doing the little things we must do each day, nothing fancy or even remarkable. Not even spiritual. Just chopping wood for the fire and carrying water for all the rest of it.

Maybe we deserve a day off once in a while to just be; to just do the things we need to do for our everyday life and put down the work of being wise and spiritual. But then, sometimes it’s a lot of work to just be, too.

Be kind to yourself this Sunday. Give yourself down time to rest, recharge. We’ll be at it again tomorrow.

So maybe your blessing slip for today can read, “a blessing to just stop.”

Peace to you and your household. Janet

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