Monday of the Third Week

Sometimes we ask for direction. Lord, we say, show me the way.

What we forget is that the “way” is always beneath our feet.

We often ask for changes in our lives, in the world, forgetting we are the ones that have to make changes happen. We won’t be better friends, or better spouses, or better teachers, or better anything if we don’t take the positive steps forward to make those changes happen.

We won’t have a less violent world, a more peaceful world, an end to war, unless we exhibit that peace in our own lives and do what we must to make peace a daily practice.

Be conscious and recognize the messages the Holy One gives us through our family members, or co-workers, or students for the message we need to hear.

It’s been said before: be the change you want to see in the world.

Be the prayer you wish to make.


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