Thursday of the Third Week

Today, I realized that some of you may not know what I mean when I write about putting a blessing in your jar. So just in case, click here for a link to the post.

I was also thinking about relationships today. The availability of social media makes friendships easy and also wonderful, but at the same time, social media isn’t much of a filter and we can become annoyed at a remark, a posting, or political views we disagree with.

The same is true of our intimate relationships. And listing the problems that come with relationships could make this post far longer than useful. And most of them are based on a lack of clear communication.

Dwelling on our problems is a problem in itself. Those small nagging differences can, over time, create damage. Those inconsiderate behaviors, thoughtless comments, petty annoyances all contribute to the damage.

“Why can’t you……………” Well, the list is endless after that.

The complaints aren’t earth-shattering, but over time, they are corrosive. And if something corrodes, even something as strong at metal, eventually it falls apart.

Do you contribute to corrosion in your relationships? By not speaking up, remaining silent, blowing up, blaming. As I said that list goes on and on. Have you ever shared your vulnerability within that kind of relationship? Within any relationship?

We’re all at our best when our relationships work. Remember that old saying, “forgive and forget”…..sometimes it’s all we have to do.



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