Friday of the Third Week

Defeats and discouragements can leave our spirits heavy and make us want to give up. Sometimes, the defeated feeling comes from a daily grind in getting done what we have to do, and sometimes it’s life-shattering events.

I’m not minimizing the experience of either, but the way we face the defeats and discouragements makes a significant difference in the way we move forward in our lives.

So here’s an exercise for those of you who are inclined toward exercises: write down the name or description of what is weighing you down, whether that’s one huge event or several small ones. Examine the weight; add specific examples; include what you are feeling both emotionally and physically. Wrestle with the hurt and get to know it.

Then ask, “what am I learning from this?” And make the changes that will move you in a new direction.

It’s easy to get comfortable in our hurts. Easy to believe it will “always” be. And yet, if you think about it, nothing is always. Take your hurt or pain off life-support.

I’m not suggesting any of this is easy. But it is possible. With practice. With grace.

Taking your hurt off life-support might be one of those blessing you can write down before Easter and put it in your jar.


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