Monday of the Fourth Week

Watching the news can be pretty grim and frustrating. One headline, to the effect that a policeman was arrested for planning to kill and eat a woman was pretty over the top. What’s going on? We’re in a catastrophic, crazy time of headlines and fear and dissension.

Jesus lived in a time of chaos too. crucified bodies hung from crosses lining the road to Jerusalem and yet, Jesus gave metaphors like the field with hidden treasures that needed to be dug; a pearl found of incomparable worth; a banquet table waiting for guests.

He certainly saw the chaos around him and yet he knew there was more beyond what the surface news said.

When was the last time you went to an empty church and just sat for a while. Or if not a church, how about the botanical garden that’s filled with flowering plants.

Each of us needs to find a way to become peace. Not talk about peace, but be the peace. That’s our challenge every day. Be the peace. Be the justice. Be kind.

Today, take some time just to be. Not to do or to fix or to complain. The world is a beautiful gift for all of us. See that. Avoid participating in the chaos. Even if just by driving a little more slowly, a little more kindly, a little more peacefully.

Offer your gift to the world. And you will find it multiplied. If only in your own life.

And your life is what we’re talking about.



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