Wednesday of the Fourth Week

If you were told you had three days to live, what would you do?

Many, I expect, would say something like tell my family I love them; or have a celebration and invite all my friends and family; or maybe talk to their children or family and help them understand death.

What would you do? Take a moment and think about your response…

Now, here’s another question: Why do we wait?

Why do we wait to tell people we love them? Why not pretend, every day, that we only have a few days left and figure out how to live them fully.

Lent is a time to step outside ordinary reality. It’s not just about giving something up for a few weeks or remembering to fast on Friday. Lent is a time to put aside the everyday reality and see with new eyes, to simplify our lives by our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Some years ago there was a saying going around, “What would Jesus do?” Wrist bands were printed with WWJD.

But I’d rather use, do as Jesus DID. Tell your family you love them; gather your friends and have a dinner together. Help them understand the choices you make. Jesus did. We can too.

Do as Jesus did.

Love one another.



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