Thuesday of the Fourth Week

Yesterday Cliff and I were out walking.We heard church bells and continued our conversation. The bells kept ringing. As it happened, we were walking toward the bells. And they kept ringing. Cliff stopped, lifted his head. “There must be a new pope,” he said. “When a new pope is elected, church bells all over the world ring.”

We went inside and found out that indeed there was a new pope. More and more people came in, wanting to be there and give thanks.

Pope Francis. The name of both the gentle man Francis of Assisi and Francis Xavier, a Jesuit who lived a simple life and cared for the poor. Certainly a hopeful sign for the church and for all of us.

What was equally remarkable was the amount of coverage this election earned in the news. Here is a world leader who has the real possibility of changing the world with his decisions. Here is a leader with a history of caring for the poor in his country. Here is a leader who promotes social justice.

As he asked from the people in the square below him, we can all pray for this pope regardless of our preferred way of worship. Pray for his strength and courage in moving this time we have toward justice for all people.




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