Saturday of the Fourth Week

What do you do when life throws one of its many curve balls at you? Do you dig in your heels? Say, “Wait!! That’s not my plan?”

Many of us refuse to budge. We hold on to what is rather than see what can be.

It’s hard to let go of control, hard to see around corners, hard to allow life to take the course it leads us to take. We can miss out on some really remarkable things by an attitude of fearing change.

Yesterday I asked you to write a list of the way you live your spiritual/religious beliefs. Today I want you to write down how you are called to bend in your belief of how things should be.

I’ve had times that challenged me to be or do differently from what I though I was doing. And each time when I’ve let go and allowed the change to happen, the change that presented itself turns out to be what I really needed to do.

I moved to Kansas City simply because my heart opened. On a visit with my brother, we drove here to Kansas City and my heart gave a lurch when we passed the trees by Union Station where I used to sit when I was a little girl and traveling from my home in Barnes, Kansas to St. Louis to visit an aunt and uncle. Bloop! I looked down at my chest and said, “I guess I’m moving to Kansas City.”

Moving meant leaving the church where I presided with two other pastors in Santa Fe; where I was at home; where I felt needed. I cried all the way along the highway as I moved from there to here.

And yet here, my life took a turn I never expected. I got married, bought a house, and founded a community here. I had no idea that would happen. I just believed and trusted the message from my heart.

Has that also happened to you? What messages have you followed and learned to trust? How have you bent into a new life? Are you being called to bend now?

I’d like hearing your story, too.



2 thoughts on “Saturday of the Fourth Week

  1. valorie wells fenton says:

    ah, Kansas City! In February 1993 I house-sat on Holly St at 45th, over President’s Day. I discovered I could walk to sales on the Plaza and fell in love with Unity Temple. By June of that year, I sold my house after last child graduated from high school and moved into an apt. at Holly and 45th. I fell in love and moved to Ohio.

    Two yrs later I came bk to an apt on 45th Terrace. Then a single family house on Terrace and 45th St. Fell in love again and moved to KS.
    Two yrs more and my soul returned to buy a condo at Jefferson guessed it-45th St.
    Fell in love again, this time forever and we bought a house on State Line at 45th St.
    So, what’s this magnetic quality on me from 45th St Kansas City?
    Who knows? Maybe an ancient burial ground or a Druid Temple of great oaks.

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