Monday of Holy Week

There’s no way to get back on track – whether with work or Lenten resolves or life – except to get back on track.

Life’s like that: there’s no way to go back and catch up, no way to make tomorrow better – tomorrow is still to come. The only thing to do is to make today the present, wrapped in a red ribbon, and filled with surprise.

The thing about regrets is that they aren’t very useful. All they do is bog us down. The woulda, coulda, shouldas trap us into immobility.

I’m not saying we should ignore the person we’ve wronged or insulted. We need to ask their pardon. We need to make amends. But it’s more common that we’ve wronged ourselves.

Remove the weight from your shoulders. It’s not yours to carry. Give it up. You’re okay.

And get back on track.


2 thoughts on “Monday of Holy Week

  1. Janet Sunderland says:

    Thanks Theresa. I’m feeling more focused these days, that’s for sure. And the track? It’s sort of like the “tracks” left by snow falling off the wires and onto the ground. Faint, as if railroad ties simply dissolved, but there.

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