Thursday of Easter Week

I think I took my own advice today and I stopped – well, anyway, slowed way down.

I did visit the doctor to check on my recent bout with amnesia  – click for a catch up on a weird amnesia if you wish – but after the appointment, I came home and took a nap. I caught up with some of the grading I needed to do, but when I found my head getting tired, I stopped and went outside for a while.

And I’m the one who teaches “listen to your body.” Obviously, I hadn’t been listening to mine very well.

The problem is, many of us grew up in an “Onward Christian Soldiers” mentality. We persevered. We worked hard. Little things like aches didn’t slow us down. Until we fell over. And then we got back up and soldiered on.

We’re in a whirl of a time when there’s not much time for taking time unless we grab it – it being time whatever that is – and yet, time is such a plastic thing. Sometimes it’s there an other times not.

Perhaps that means we have to make time our own.

We’re so often told of Jesus’ ministry, his miracles, his kindness, his healing, his preaching. We are less often told Jesus took a break now and then. Sometimes in a boat, sometimes a wedding, sometimes having a meal with his friends. After the resurrection, that’s how his followers recognized him – by the breaking of bread, by cooking fish and feeding them.

Make a resolution for this new Easter season now that Lent’s over. Instead of resolving NOT to do something, resolve to DO. Do take a break. Do go for a walk. Do sit down with people you love and have a meal.

Yes, you can be kind doing it, you can be peaceful (in fact you might even be more peaceful), and you can be loving.

Do as Jesus did.






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