Saturday of the first week of Easter

One of the things I’ve learned during my recovery from the amnesia bout is how fast my mind works. I think I’ve always known that (i.e. “that’s just how I am” is easy to say to self), but now I’m recognizing how hard it is for my brain to keep up.

We lose ourselves in our minds. Our brains quit reacting, firing in a helpful way, as our spirit travels to meet the images and sometimes demons from our past. We don’t notice our environment. We don’t see the car running the stop sign with a driver who is also lost in past (or future) images.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that my brain is still a little slow in bring up the visual image I’ve relied on to communicate clearly.

I found a note I’d written in my journal at the end of last year, December 27th. “I’m a visual thinker, so often ‘learning to see’ means focusing on the exterior world instead of my interior world.”  Interesting I wrote that message more than two months before my brain shorted out.

Seeing usually begins with understanding. What do you need to understand more fully? Where is your blind spot?

Piecing our lives together, bit by bit, lesson by lesson, year by year, demands that we understand more in order to see more clearly. Or more wisely, one could say.




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