Tuesday of the Second Week

After a week or so of being knocked around, perhaps, it may be difficult to still believe in “new life.” If the same stuff is going on, how are we to believe in anything new?

If you spend some time looking at a newspaper, you’ll see a lot of the old stuff still going on, but if you look a little closer, miracles and newness are creeping in between the old: a story about young people organizing to say they don’t want more guns in schools; research showing the percentage of children being treated for ADHD is higher than the percentage of children who actually have it; America may not need as much oil and gas as we think; India is mobilizing against violence to women.

In other words, new things are breaking free, but maybe we’re expecting miracles and new birth to look more complete, finished, now get on with it.

Anything birthing is fragile, whether our new personal resolve or a birthing change in society. It needs nurturing, time to grow. Even the trees are having a hard time getting fully into leafing out around here as if they are waiting for one more smack up the side of their trunks.

Be patient with yourself and your changes. Be patient with the world. Look for the changes and new birth rather than getting trapped by the same-old, same old. Change is happening all around us. We just have to see.



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