Spiritual Stretch Into Now

Here’s a new day. It may be cloudy, wet with two days of rain; it may be colder than you’d like for April. But it’s a new start anyway.

We forget that when we grumble out of bed. We remember the plod, plod, plod but forget the new start. Parts of the body may ache from too much of a workout yesterday or a long walk along a river or old stresses to the knees or hips.

Bodies hold memories just as our mind holds memories. And those memories can trap or they can bolster confidence. For example, if you worked out and are sore, well, you worked out. Your body is stronger even if it is complaining a bit. If you’re plodding because of emotional hurts, well, those hurts aren’t happening right now.

Memories are just that: memories. They aren’t the right now.

Give your spirit a workout – make it bigger than the hurts.

Stretch your body, your mind, your spirit. Fill the whole space around you with you. The potential to be more than what you are is always there. Be wide and full of life.

As my mother used to say, “It beats the alternative.”



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