How Do We Know?

How do you know what you’re supposed to do? We get so many conflicting messages all the time, so much information on what is dangerous to eat or think or ask or be.

Too much of the time we out-think ourselves with an over-abundance of information.

What if what we’re supposed to do isn’t a “supposed to” at all, but a knowing?

Learning to trust the inner voice, or vision, or word is not something we learn in school. We don’t even learn it in church. Most of the time, when we’re learning something, we get rules. Do this; don’t do that.

It’s not that rules aren’t useful. I use them myself when I’m teaching. But rules aren’t “knowing” but rather steps to follow. Not steps to lead.

Knowing comes from within and opens us to our own nature and reality. The steps are simple.

1. Choose a spot in your body that feels like your center. For me it’s my solar plexus, just at the base of my breastbone.

2. Breathe into that center and feel it relax.

3. Now practice asking that center for information. If you’ve never listened to your body, begin by asking a yes/no question, focus on your breathing to stay out of your head, and see if you sense a word, image, or sound that gives you an answer.

And that’s all there is to it – plus practice. It’s like practicing a piano: the more you practice, the better you’ll get at discerning your own knowing.

The truths, as they say, “will set you free.”





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