Stop! Breathe!…be

Remembering to stop and breathe when there’s so many loose ends flinging themselves at my head and hands can be a humbling experience since I’m always advising other people to do exactly that.

Stop. Breathe. Look out the window.

The oak is still taking its time in leafing out. Frost coated the car windows this morning, and yes, it’s late April and frost, so the oak is wise. Not yet time for dashing. While I’m not exactly happy that it’s cold enough for frost in late April, I can put on an old turtleneck and keep battling away at the flailing loose ends.

A pair of dogs are dashing in the neighbor’s backyard, but they’re having fun. They dash–and then stop and look and sniff, curious about the day.

I have left the busy office with its PC and email and Internet to come into the quiet room with a desk and laptop that inches along. I’ve been staring out the window, looking at a blue sky overhead and a brilliant green hedge at the back fence.

And breathing. And being…..

I invite you to do the same.

(Great photo in the link below that will help you take a biggggg sigh-breath.)

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