Healing from Inside Out

For many, the winter was tough on our health. Unfortunately, winter doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to leave regardless of the trees and flowers struggling to bloom in the cold weather.

We humans are having a hard time booming into spring, too.

Health and healing come from a balance in mind/body/and spirit. It’s not an easy task to remain balanced when we’re still wearing winter clothing in May. It’s not easy to keep the body happy when we can’t go outside and enjoy the weather. And if that unbalances our spirit into grousing or complaining, well, it’s a downward spiral.

Regardless of what the weather looks like outside, whether too cold or too hot or too wet or too dry (it’s all of these at some point or another), our task remains to stay in balance.

Allow your spirit to speak to you wherever you are in the spectrum of weather. Allow your spirit to sing or dance wherever you are, allow it to prod you to go for a walk inside somewhere.

Sometimes it’s our body that needs to be balanced and sometimes our mind. Tell your mind to quit complaining. It doesn’t do any good to complain anyway.

Feed your spirit with breath and a peaceful posture. Spirit is always willing to lead, regardless of the weather, the fears, the complaining, or the doubts. It’s your task to give it the lead.




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