Exploring New Terrain.

What would you do if you were an explorer of the world? Where would you go? What sounds exciting?

It’s easier to think of “out there” as more exciting than “in here.” How often do we explore our own bodies from the inside out? How often do we recognize if our breathing is deep and full or shallow and fast?

We notice when we’re hungry. That usually gets our attention. But we don’t often notice the subtle messages an explorer might notice in unfamiliar terrain.

Our bodies are as unfamiliar to us as our spirit even though one is material and one immaterial. But together they are part of the same unexplored landscape.

Where is your spirit guiding you? What is your body’s response to spirit’s promptings? Is it open and willing to go or clenched in tension not knowing what’s around the next corner?

Listen to your body. Listen to its hungers and its contentment. When we become anchored in our body, it’s much easier to notice spirit’s promptings.





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