A Practice in Focus

It’s Monday, a week since my last post. I began writing a new book, and the beginning process swallowed me.

I’ve worn so many hats over the years, most swirling around my head like bees, that I’ve considered myself a master multitasker. But the fact is, multitasking is a fallacy. It’s only possible to do one thing at a time.

Take texting and driving, for example. Many people do it. I probably would if I were younger, but the truth is, even while driving, it’s only possible to either focus on the text or focus on the road. It’s not possible to do them both at the same time.

Neuroscientists  call this “inattentive blindness.”

It seems I’ve been practicing inattentive blindness in one way or another for years. My brain fires too fast, faster than my mind can keep up with. And so I have dashed from one thing to another with precipitous action: the synonyms for precipitous telling the story — steep – abrupt – sheer – bluff – headlong.

Much of which has led to accidents of one sort or another from a spilled glass of water to car accidents.

Training the body to work with the mind, regardless of what the brain says, has been my journey, I now realize, for more years than I can name.

It’s interesting to consider how spirit, along with speaking through the body, also speaks through the mind. Which, of course, leads to considering what my brain actually does and how I can help it do its job more effectively.

Allowing and fostering being led by spirit rather than by my brain slows me down. Which in turn leads to less steep, abrupt, bluff, headlong actions.

Fancy that.

What’s leading you in these headlong, over-full, and chaotic times?



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