A Day to Celebrate

Pentecost originated as a Jewish feast called the Feast of Weeks. Pentekoste the Greek word for fiftieth, was celebrated for fifty days after Passover and in thanksgiving for the harvest.

By the end of the 2nd Century, Christians were celebrating a similar fifty-day festival of rejoicing to commemorate and celebrate the resurrection and the gifts of the Spirit. There was no fasting and people could pray standing, in other words, not on their knees.

I wonder what modern life would be if we were taught to celebrate the gifts of Spirit for fifty days straight? I wonder if we would have a greater appreciation of how spiritual energy operates in our lives on a daily basis?

I read another interesting article today on how our multi-tasking leads to inattention. Certainly, it leads to missing spirit’s promptings, I expect.

Understanding multi-tasking is important to me, no doubt, because I want to get out of the habit. And it takes a concerted effort to break old habits. There are too many piles lying around my writing desk, piles of papers I want to incorporate into my understanding of writing, essays I’ve found interesting and had no time to fully read (or didn’t stop long enough to read). I’ve had phone calls to make and layers of stuff that became layered during the work of the previous semester’s demands.

So I clean a bit here, a bit there. I catch up on one or another piece of correspondence. I write myself another Post-It note.


The value of celebration is that we put aside for a time all the daily duties. We allow ourselves time for joy.

So for this one day, the Sunday of the Feast of Pentecost, 2013, I wish you a day of celebrating your gifts of spirit, a day of allowing yourself joy. A day of putting down the daily duties.

They’ll still be there when you pick them up again Monday morning.


One thought on “A Day to Celebrate

  1. Valorie Wells Fenton says:

    Does it count for extra credit if the tasks I moved from Sunday to Monday are now moving to Tuesday so I can just play with acrylic paints on this weird weather day? I’m just asking because this whole slow down thing feels kinda scary on day two!!!

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