The Advent Journey

On the Road
On the Road

Today is the first day of Advent. Before we begin our journey to Bethlehem, consider what you’ve packed in your baggage.

Do you really need four water bottles filled with tears? Can you, instead, trust you will find water along the way to refresh your spirit?

Look inside your carry-on. Do you really need four sandwiches layered with guilt and remorse? Can you trust you will find food to restore your soul?

Sometimes we’re so used to carrying everyday baggage that we forget we don’t have to; forget we can put it down. Put it down. You can always come back and reclaim it if you really need it, but for now, leave it behind.

This is a new beginning. Trust the journey. New possibilities lie ahead. Trust your resolve.

I’ll need your support on this journey too. Say hello from time to time; ask how I’m doing. Tell me your stories and your stumbles. It helps me not feel so alone in mine. As I hope these reflections will help you feel less lonely in yours.

And what was it the angels said? Oh. Yeah. “Be not afraid.”

4 thoughts on “The Advent Journey

  1. valorie says:

    This idea of setting it down, whatever “it” is reminds me of old Celtic Catholic saying that if you forgot your rosary beads or holy medal in church its because someone else needed them more than you.

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