Monday of the First Week of Advent

The way made clear
The way made clear

Yesterday, on the first day of Advent, I received my first gift of the season. A young man, new to the community, built a Facebook page and a website for us. Now you might ask why I’d never built a Facebook page for the church since I already have a personal one, but it simply hadn’t occurred to me. And as for a web site? Well, that was beyond my abilities.

But in early evening he sent me a message and links to both and they were done. He had accomplished in a few hours what it would have taken me weeks to plan and organize. Let alone get done.

And simply because we’d been open to him. And welcoming.

In the early ’70s with my first foray into therapy, I read I’m Okay, You’re Okay and learned to train my mind away from automatically judging my actions and, by extension, the actions of others. Retraining my mind was the most important step I could have taken and I carried that technique into other years, other situations, and other practices.

All of which is a long about way to say I’m writing today to encourage you to clear your road from the stones of judgment: judgment of others – the way they look, act, speak, smile, live, choose, and, most importantly, to clear the stones of self-judgment.

When we can rid ourselves of those stumbling stones, our journey to Bethlehem becomes clearer, more peaceful, and room for hope replaces stones. And who knows, with the stones you might be able to build a bridge into clearer understanding.

New web page:

Facebook Page: Community of the Incarnation


8 thoughts on “Monday of the First Week of Advent

  1. susansayings says:

    Sounds like an answer to a prayer!
    How delightful to have such generosity appear in our midst!
    Especially in the form of digital expertise, proving that technological savvy can coexist with loving kindness.
    Thank you, Sunyananda Dharma!

  2. Theresa Hupp says:

    I just said to myself “This chapter is REALLY a mess!” And then I opened your post saying to clear the stones of self-judgment.
    So now I say, “I can fix this.” I have hope, not stones.
    Thank you.

  3. valorie says:

    I love stones and rocks, as I know you do too, but lately I’ve found myself building a wee cairn on my new paths and simply leaving my new found stones in a renewed shape where I found them. Makes the luggage so much easier for my dear Kenny.

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      Wee cairns. What a wonderful image. The Hawaiians build them too, small pyramids of rocks and then put flowers on top. So may you travel with a lightness of baggage and flowers in your hands (just in case you need to bless one of those wee cairns!)

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