Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

bend in roadIt’s probably time, just three days into Advent, to remind ourselves of the signs along the road to Bethlehem that read, “Danger! Robbers on the Prowl!” And they may be right around that bend in the road where we least expect.

I ran into a couple of robbers yesterday: grant applications that had to be redone and calls that had to be made to re-figure costs and more math and more head-spinning numbers. And school, oh, yes, class isn’t ready! And I need a nap! But I didn’t have time and I went anyway and it was fine. Obviously, some angel along the way decided I’d had enough time-robbers during the day and granted me good discussions.

Time. That’s the robber in most of our lives. I don’t know anyone who isn’t pushed for time to accomplish all that needs doing. Life’s been over-the-top all year, and while not all things are sorted out from that chaos, if you take a moment, you’ll probably see, as I saw, that things are falling, somehow, more or less, into place.

Trust the journey, I keep saying to myself and almost anyone else who will listen.

Trusting the journey allows the knots to loosen a bit around the shoulders. Saying it a second or third or fourth time allows for breath to fill the empty spaces when the tension leaves.

Today, I looked again at the photo from the first post – the empty country road, and for the first time, because the image of the road is so strong, I saw the sunflowers along the right hand side above the dried grasses.

We can all get a little overwhelmed with our long roads, but take time: we have four weeks. So along with watching out for the time robbers, (reminds me of Time Bandits!) see the beauty on the journey, the moments of clarity, of peace, of prayer, of open vistas, and beauty.

The below attached post is wonderful. I recommend reading it, too.

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