Wednesday/First Week of Advent

Courtesy Catholic Tradition
Courtesy Catholic Tradition

I’ve wanted to write about Joseph since I began this Advent journey. There’s not a lot to write. We don’t know much about him, even less than we know about Mary although if you think about it, we don’t know much about her either. We think we do because of all the art, music, and adoration that’s been created over the centuries. But Joseph? Not so much.

And maybe that’s why I want to write about him: he’s the one over-looked in all the stories. He shows up in the Nativity scenes we put up around this time of year, but I only know one song about him.

I want to write about him just because he’s over-looked. So often in living our lives, in following our journeys, we’re over-looked, too. It’s not easy. We get tired or discouraged or frustrated that we aren’t getting the assistance we need. The praise we need. We get tired of slogging along.

So just as you would like praise and support, offer it to another today, other travelers who might be even more worn down than you are. It’s been pretty chaotic and excessive in just about every corner of life lately.

And while you’re at it, offer a prayer of praise to all – to your own work, your own life, friends, family, strangers, and the world around you: Holy, holy, holy Lord. God Abundant; God of Light. Heaven and earth are full of your glory.

It is you know. Even in the midst of everything else, the world is full of glory.

And I’ll bet you’re smiling about now. I know I am.


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