Friday/First Week of Advent

In the Lectionary readings for today, there’s a story of two blind men coming to Jesus and asking to be healed. Jesus asks if they had faith he could heal them, and they say, yes. So Jesus says because of their faith, it will happen. He touches their eyes and they are healed. And then he tells them not to tell anyone, but of course they do, everyone Jesus heals tells others even when he says not to.

Funny thing about faith. When we want something and pray for something and that something appears, we don’t “hold it in our hearts,” we’re tempted to tell everyone. But here’s the question: do we tell to honor God or do we tell to prove how strong our faith and prayers are? If it’s to honor God, well, we don’t need to say anything at all. We don’t need to prove.

Temptation and faith are two sides of that proverbial coin. We reach that point all the time. Do we continue to trust our journey or do we worry? Do we make wise choices between what’s in front of us and the cost?

Sometimes it’s small things. Last night, for example, I had sugar and chocolate and coffee – all delightful treats that I know twang at the nerves in my body. But the temptation to enjoy? Ah. Forbidden fruits, as it were, rather than staying in balance and choosing faith in my body’s journey. And so, my head ruled.

The road to Bethlehem may be a lot more perilous than we first imagined.


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