Saturday/First Week of Advent

Jesus said to his disciples, The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…. (Matthew 9:37)

This gospel reading seems to carry a whole new meaning in today’s world. There’s too much to “harvest” and do all the time and rarely enough hands to get it done because all the other hands you know are busy with their hands full.

It’s easy to stumble into feeling resentful for all the demands that must be done Right Now…… “Now.” There’s a big pile of stones in the middle of our path.

I was feeling that way this morning, not knowing even where to put my energies there were so many  harvests ready to be harvested. At least it seemed that way in my head.

So I sat. And I looked out my window. The sky is blue. And while most of the trees have lost their leaves by now, one giant and stately oak, past our backyard into the next block, stands crowned in glory. The leaves have lost some of the earlier bronze sheen, but most of them still greet the sun. Their harvest has not yet come. The oak leaves trust their own timing.

Maybe that’s all any of us need to do: understand our own timing; understand what we can do and what we can’t. And to understand we can clear away the stones by trusting our own timing.


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