Tuesday/Second Week of Advent

Today, Cliff and I stopped together at noon, sat together, and we joined in the world prayer called for by Pope Francis to end hunger by 2025.

I was touched by the openness and breadth of the call. A wave of prayer circling the world. Various spiritual groups have called for a world prayer. I remember one for December 21, 2012 when the Mayan Calendar was to end. I remember other worldwide calls for prayer. In the 90s, several thousand people in Washington DC prayed for peace and an end to the violence in the city and crime dropped in the succeeding months. 

But a Pope? Calling on all the world to end hunger? That’s something I’d expect from the Dali Lama, perhaps, or a Mandela.

Here’s something Seth Godine wrote regarding Mandela’s influence on the world. The same could be said of Pope Frances, regardless of religious preference.

“For those that seek to make a change in the world, whether global or local, one lesson of his life is this:

“You can.

“You can make a difference.

“You can stand up to insurmountable forces.”

It’s not too late. If you didn’t pray to end world hunger at noon today, pray for it now. Pray for it every day of this Advent journey. Pray for those in need.


Your lever is far longer than you imagine it is, if you choose to use it.

If you don’t require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world.

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