Friday/Second Week of Advent

It’s a plodding day; a putting one foot in front of the next sort of day and not knowing where the day will lead. An easy to be discouraged day.

I don’t want to look backwards at my failures, the tasks undone, the disappointments: that accomplishes nothing. It’s too hard to walk when I’m looking backwards. Looking ahead is the only option, or looking at the now, so I came to the window in front of my desk.

The day is overcast and a light rain falls. The oak in front is no longer in its glory days of bronze leaves, but rather looks bedraggled and bare. But it knows where it’s going even though it’s standing still.

“Follow me,” Jesus said. He didn’t begin his ministry until he was in his 30s, which in those days was well into middle age. He followed in his father’s footsteps, became a carpenter; helped raise the younger children; took care of his mother; fulfilled his responsibilities; and then, when it was time, he followed his call not knowing where it would lead.

“Follow me.” But much of the time we’re limping along barely getting one foot in front of the next.

But “follow” doesn’t necessarily mean going anywhere. The oak follows the seasons and it’s been in the same spot for years. So today’s following will mean trusting my life to lead me where it will. We don’t have to be crowned with glory any more than the oak needs it. Instead, we can simply be.



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