Wednesday/Third Week of Advent

A Dark Tunnel
A Dark Tunnel

I fell prey to robbers along the journey and fell off the path. We’ll call these robbers the Time Robbers or more succinctly, Balance Robbers.

You know how a gymnast walks the balance beam? Well, I fell off. I’ve been teetering on the edge for weeks now: too much to do, not enough exercise, not enough down time, sick with a cold, all that stuff. And yesterday I fell into a vat of chocolate. It was baking day. And yes, my grandson will be happy with the cookies and yes, my son will be grateful for banana bread, but out of balance is out of balance and I am.

I guess if I were still in the years when I beat up on myself for my lack of discipline, when I didn’t know how to forgive myself, I’d feel even worse today. As it is, my mind is clear while my body is the one saying stop.

We pray to God for forgiveness. Sometimes almost daily. We forget that part of forgiveness is forgiving ourselves.

We were never put on this earth to be perfect; we were put here to learn to be human. Humans make mistakes. And part of learning to make mistakes is learning to forgive ourselves when we  make them. Learning to forgive our self teaches us how to forgive others; or perhaps it’s the other way around. Forgiving others gives us the freedom to forgive self.

We didn’t expect any tunnels on this road to Bethlehem. Maybe a rocky road, but a tunnel where we couldn’t see around the corner? Not so much. We knew where we were going, didn’t we? But knowing and doing are two different things.

So if you have fallen off your path of kindness or patience or understanding or balance on this journey we’re making, forgive yourself. When we forgive, we realign ourselves, remember ourselves, and remember we’re all in this together, whether the “all” around you realizes it or not.

Get back on the path. Look around at the scenery. Smile at those you pass. Find your way back to peace.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday/Third Week of Advent

  1. susansayings says:

    Beautiful! Oh, did i need to read this today! Hope you’re able to get back in balance soon, though that’s a lot to expect this time of year. Have you watched It’s a Wonderful Life lately? I’m consoled that even
    Jimmy Stewart–back in the pre-computer, slower paced days–flipped out at Christmas time.

    Winter Solstice can be rough on all earthly life forms. I’m not sure it’s Christmas per se that throws us. The road is not only rocky, with tunnels and robbers, but it’s dark and often cold–tough circumstances for the journey, even if we thought we’d learned something when we went this way before.

    I wonder how Advent and Christmas feel in Australia…

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      Good question! I’ve wondered about that. Although I once had an aunt in Florida who would send photos of her trimming the tree in shorts and that always seemed weird. And I wasn’t even crazy about winter back then! Sun-Return. That’s the real celebration. Thanks so much for reading; glad it brought some comfort.

  2. schurmane says:

    I have written about tunnels before, and never thought about how they keep us from seeing ahead, and also limit our choices, at least while we are in them… enlightening, or at least food for thought…. Thanks.

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