Friday/Third Week of Advent

Each time I post a title, I want to write “Lent” instead of “Advent.” I did the same slip of the tongue in church the first week of Advent and said Lent. Maybe I wanted the usually quieter period of Lent this year.

This Advent is anything but quiet, fraught with changes and challenges and headlong flights into nuttiness. In part, it’s because the time is more compressed than in other years: basically there’s four Sundays, but only three weeks and one day before Christmas Eve. As I said, the season is short. And more rushed and nutty, including finally getting around to signing up at Now there’s a process! And a LOT of numbers necessitating the retrieval of last year’s tax forms.

And I keep reminding myself and you to be at peace.

And then, today when I sat down to write, I found a Post-It that I’d stuck up. It’s in my hand-writing and it uses words I’d use (hardly anyone uses “nor” anymore; or “tramp”) and when I Google the lines, I can’t find them ascribed anywhere. So maybe it’s my thought and maybe it’s someone else’s but either way, it’s worth repeating. And if someone’s else’s I thank them in absentia.

“Peace is not a hiding place, a relief from trouble, but is attained by those who are willing to walk the jagged rocks of life and tramp through all the disappointments and still see the journey through. An encounter with the Christ is neither bland nor superficial, and the road to Bethlehem doesn’t lead to a cuddly baby and soft wooly sheep. Rather a fire that burns within us. There should be a warning sign: Dynamite! Handle at risk!”

Peace is not a hiding place, a relief from trouble…..okay then.

So I guess it’s time to get back to but at least now I’m grinning.

Peace be with you, too.


An interesting essay below from the Archdiocese of Washington.

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