Saturday/Third Week of Advent

They shall name him Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”

God is with us. What an interesting set of words to ponder.

Yes, we know, at least intellectually, that God is with us. But how often on this journey have you really considered those words or felt them?

Did you consider those words when you were rushing about, trying to get everything done that needed doing before Christmas? Did you consider those words when you caught a cold and had to rest and cough? Did you consider those words when you were upset in traffic or hurt by the thoughtless words of someone?

Did you hear those words in your head when you were frustrated by your work or colleagues or when your children ran though the house shouting while you were on the phone? Did you remember when one more telemarketer called and you answered the phone with your hands full?

God is with us.

There’s a big storm moving across the country filled with ice and snow and danger. Are you worrying about family travels or meeting a plane or feeling unsafe?  God is with us doesn’t mean there aren’t catastrophes or colds or even death; it doesn’t mean the journey is easy.

God is with us means the ability to trust the journey is always ours, regardless of the outcome.

Below are two posts about journeys in worlds very different from mine. I hope you find them as fulfilling as I did.

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