Monday/Fourth Week of Advent

Snow Mounds Around a Tiny Drop of Red
Snow Mounds Around a Tiny Red Leaf

Snow flurries are whirling outside my window and in these few short weeks, the oak has gone from bronze glory to brown weary. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

It’s been a simpler Advent season this year. I missed one Sunday because of illness; we missed another because of ice and snow. We didn’t attend Christmas parties nor give one ourselves. I didn’t fix a figgie pudding. No family is coming to visit. We did get decorations up for the most part although the outside lights never did get strung and we left most of the ornaments in the boxes and settled for lights and tinsel.

And you know what? Christmas comes anyway.

Our Christmas is better than many have. We are warm and home; other than stuffy sinuses, we are well; comfort and a gentle peacefulness are ours. We are safe. Many, too many, are unable to say those same simple words.

That’s what I always remember when we go through times of stress or illness or over-tired. Our life, all in all, is so much better than so many others in this world just because of those simple words, we are safe.

Be kind to one another this Christmas season. If your house is filled with too much family and you are tired, be kind anyway. If you are alone, and yet still safe, be kind to yourself and your emotions. Be kind to the teenager who always seems to be on the phone pushing buttons. The best holiday commercial I’ve seen this year is one such teenager, always on his phone, but ends up with him showing the family a recording of video shorts he’s taken of his family celebrating together. You never know who or what a child will be one day.

Remember that the baby in the manger, helpless to the world, was each of us once, and we often carry that helplessness into this season. Be kind to one another as the Christ is reborn in each of us once more.

Thank you for traveling with me this Advent journey. Thank you for the comments and the “likes” from those of you whom I know and those who are media friends only. It it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have done this. Thank you for being the discipline (shaky at times!) that kept on giving.

Merry Christmas. And may the light of the Christ, renewed again, shine from your life to offer the peace that passes all understanding.

Pax, +Janet


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