Take a Break…..

From my friend, Sister Rebecca at St. Simeon’s Parish in California.
Do you find that your days are so full that you feel you do not even have a minute to sit down, for some peace and quiet of mind, body and soul? If so, this is for you, and I discovered it through my own very full lifestyle!
Here is the back story…I try to have a quiet prayer time each morning and have spiritually committed to “a just being” prayer in the form of sitting for an amount of time.
Well, one morning as I was dashing out of my room onward to the ministry, I thought, oops, how about my time of sitting? Okay, I have at least ONE minute where I can be still and so I sat. And, I was AMAZED what quiet, peace and calm came over me in such a short period of time!!!
I am sure, through the years, you have heard of the harmonious benefit of “Stillness, Silence and Solitude” to the mind, body and soul! I now attest that even 1 minute, yes, 60 seconds, can make a HUGE difference.
Thus, the formation of the SIT-A-MINUTE- PRAYER! Want to join:) Just have a seat…for one minute a day and see what calm will come and how it will create an added fullness to your life, as well!

3 MINUTE RETREAT http://www.loyolapress.com/3-minute-retreats-daily-online-prayer.htm

From the British Jesuits
Awesome prayer site

Awesome prayer site:)

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