What will you give up?

This has been a particularly brutal winter and the litany of stiff and aching bodies is a familiar conversation. It gives a whole new meaning to the command “Take up your cross and follow” that’s worth pondering this morning.

After all, I’m still upright and my legs still work even if my joints are stiff and ache. I live my life and I’m not forced to sit quietly (which in itself is a good thing). All my joints are mine (every last aching one…oh, wait, wait, I almost forgot….) so I intend to quit complaining or even talking about it.

What if we all gave up complaining for Lent? Would the practice be enough to carry us throughout the year into a new way of living? Could we learn gratitude for what and who we are regardless of difficulties?

Does an attitude of gratitude solve everything? No. But it does go a long way towards putting a smile on my face.

Practice gratitude today. See how even the concept makes you smile?


2 thoughts on “What will you give up?

  1. susansayings says:

    I have vowed to give up complaining about what other people do or do not do. My former career was all about encouraging people who were struggling. I miss that. I delight in encouraging others, so my motivation is both selfless and selfish as I set the intention to drop the critiquing.
    After the first day of Lent–I’m woefully aware of how much criticizing others pervades our world–so tempting to try to figure out who’s at fault, which is, of course, ugly and futile.
    There are times for offering criticism, but most of the time encouragement works better and turns attention toward what we’d like to happen rather than toward what we wish had not happened.
    Thank you for reminding me. Keep up the good work!

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