Who’s Your Hero?

Here comes the master dreamer! Let us kill him…                         Genesis 37

Here is the one who will inherit everything. Let us kill him….   Matthew 21

Interesting to look at these two readings, the incidents separated by about four thousand years, and see the same pattern. The first reading is the story of Joseph, beloved son of Israel, who is sent by his father to his brothers. His brothers hate him because of the attention he receives from their father but instead of killing him, they sell him to a caravan going into Egypt.

The second reference from Matthew is a parable Jesus tells. The tenants at a vineyard conspire and kill the owner’s messengers until finally the owner sends his son. They kill the owners son, thinking they will now have the vineyard.

It’s like what we say when we talk about someone being on a pedestal and getting knocked off. We seem to get a perverse pleasure in it. They weren’t so great after all! we tell ourselves. Look at the many stories of athletes who get caught doing something or the young singing star, Justin Bieber. They’re not so great after all! Let’s knock them off their pedestals. We kill them with our judgments.

If you think about it, we are all on a hero’s journey, and we all get knocked off our pedestal from time to time by the judgements of others or even with judgments against ourselves. That judgment is called “not good enough.”

You are good enough. You are also chosen for this journey. How do you want to walk it?


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